Sliding automatic door
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  • As an automatic door that functions based on the most general method of sliding sideways, the structure is simple, affordable and has good space efficiency so it is installed for various purposes.
  • Primary site installation : Store, Office, Apartment, Disabled Facilities
  • SD 60 series which is the model for sliding automatic door has highly durable materials as hardware and by applying LCD Digital Display, it is user friendly. It is highly compatible with external devices, making it suitable to be used to create various systems. It also guarantees smooth and safe operation.
  • The sliding automatic door operator model is divided SD-60 (DC60W) / SD-90(DC90W) depending on the rated power of the motor and depending on the materials of rail and hanger; it is classified into Basic Type A, Dual Hanger Type A2 for Middle Door, high end S Type that deploys stainless guide rail and urethane dual roller.
Automatic sliding door type
  • Enclosed Type
  • Enclosed type is the most universal type of installation and uses the method of fixing the bracket and others within the mechanical box, enabling easy installation and dismantling as well as convenient wiring and inspection.
  • Surface Mount Type
  • Surface mount type is installed by directly mounting it on the walls or others surfaces and is fixed using a piece or bolting. A separate AL cover is used.
  • SlimType
  • Slim type is positioned by laying down the motor and other parts so the height of the mechanical box has been reduced to 100mm. This method is preferred for aesthetic use or in case the height of the opening is low.