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  • Entry control system
  • This system only allows authorized people to enter and exit by using a card reader or a password key outside.
  • Apartment lobby system
  • This system allows entry once the visitor talks to the owner by using an interphone outside and once the resident inserts the password.
  • Network system
  • This system controls and monitors entry using one computer by connecting multiple automatic doors to the network.
  • Secret door system
  • It is used as an entry door to panic room or secret vault and it is a secret door, camouflaged as a wall or a closet that is opened by using a remote control.
  • Disabled bathroom system
  • A system that combines the automatic door and a dedicated switch for disabled bathroom so that the disabled can use the bathroom conveniently.
  • Interlock system
  • 2 doors are connected to each other so if one door opens, the other door does not open.
  • Air shower system
  • Once a door is opened and closed after entry, the air shower automatically is activated and once the air shower is finished, the exit door automatically opens.
  • Security gate system for construction sites
  • This system recognizes the blood vessel in the hand and a + shaped gate rotates 90 degrees each time, enabling only 1 authorized person to enter.